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Default Fractured patella / ruptured patella tendon

So, 3 and a half weeks ago I was playing hockey (field hockey that is, ice hockey isn't real big here in NZ), and got a stick to the knee. Ended up with a compound fracture of the kneecap, and a ruptured patella tendon.

All seems to be healing OK so far, see the surgeon again in a couple weeks and hopefully get the all clear to start rehab then. Which will be nice because it's pretty hard putting your socks and shoes on when you've got 1 leg fixed straight!

This season is a write off (which SUCKS because we've had an amazing start to the winter down here), but hoping to get in shape for next winter down here and the 2014/15 northern hemisphere winter.

Anyone had any experience with a similar injury and rehab? Keen for any tips.
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