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[QUOTE=Nivek;1005817]Feedback huh? I'll try to be nice.

A boat load of money? Ride, K2, Flow, Salomon. You already had the other major brands. Figure you buy 2 boots from each brand, a low end and a high end. Figure at full retail that's about $450 a brand. Times 4 you spent $1800. I wouldn't call that a boat load for a brand that just bougt a factory of their own.

Sorry for the vague "boat load" reference. We bought a pretty big range of sizes and models from each of these companies. Sizes 6-12 sprinkled around. I'll put it this way, we have a 900 square foot room full of boot racks. A lot of the boots we got for free, and we paid for the rest. Easily more thank 5K euro. I consider that a lot of money.

I assume you're talking about the Capita factory. Capita and Union are different companies. Separate countries, separate banks and different employees (with the exception of Joni Makinen).

Legitimate question as I sell your stuff and have never heard as such. Your site lists your highbacks as Dupont Zytel ST. You say here you provide lifetime warranties on everything Nylon. Does that apply to highbacks? To my knowledge Salomon is the only brand offering lifetime on highbacks, this would be a huge selling point and if it is the case I'd make sure your reps are letting salesmen know this at clinics.

Lifetime warranty on all plastic parts.

On Zytel. I have a small understanding of materials engineering. All I could find that made Zytel any better than Polycarb without a name brand on it was it is less chemically reactive and has a better ability to maintain it's build characteristics over varying temperatures. Granted in some cases for certain riders varying temperatures could mean -40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The other issue I ran into was Dupont doesn't offer a reference as to what greater termperature ranges really means. Understanding the other applications Dupont is touting a 100 degree change with the application of a snowboard binding didn't strike me as significant. Personally I'd love to see some articles or paperwork giving some numbers to back up the claim Zytel is superior in every way for a snwoboard binding.

You're right, Zytel ST maintains it's flex and strength in a wider temp range. It also holds up to impact (like smacking a rail) better. It's less brittle, and stronger in thin areas like highbacks. This is key because you can design things thinner, where you want flex, and still have strength.

The reason they don't offer references is because the characteristics vary, depending on the temp and humidity at the time of injection.

Not really a durability issue, but we had probably 8-10 pairs of bindings come back into the shop out of the probably 60 or so we sold with seized highback adjuster bolts. I had 2 of the 3 pairs I owned do the same thing on at least on bolt.

Cross threading. Do you think it could be something else? It's kind of a double edged sword, because we use small threads on that hardware because it's less likely to loosen up. The problem is that makes them easier to cross thread. If we go with a bigger thread, we'll have less cross threading and more hardware loosening.

The most common breaks I see on Unions are blown ratchets, cracked highbacks, and cracked heelcups. I'd rather something bend than crack. I did see the better shaping in the heelcup from I think the Force up at the show and it should be better suited to a downward force.

Cracking heelcups? Do you guys have any laying around the shop? Send me a pic. Trust me, this is not a common thing.

I'm assuming you've been riding for a long time Kevin, and working in a shop I bet you see the same customer always coming back with issues. His speed lace busted, his ratched busted, the zipper on his coat busted.... They treat ratchets like they're trying to tighten a lug nut on a car. It seems like people who have been riding for a long time are more gentle with their ratchets, thus the springs and pins don't break. They don't spaz out when zipping their jacket, and the zipper never breaks. Know what I mean?

The hardest thing design on a binding is the ratchet. I'm not saying ours are perfect, but IMO they are as good as anything out there, and never pop open on their own.

Remember, this started because somebody posted that our bindings suck and are cheaply built.
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