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4hrs drive to the end of the world and then no wind. gosh... the hardest thing with learning to kitesurf is learning to be patient!

Another weekend, another 5hrs drive to this mountain surf lake and finally lucky with the weather The school there is very professional, we finally get a proper introduction. Lessons started with a lot of theory about wind windows and cryptic sailing language. I can't even distinguish left from right, how am I supposed to ever get this new definitions...
Anyway... as soon as I had the kite actually in my hands, it gets better. Steering works fine. So much fun to try to direct this huge powerful sail with tiny movements of the fingers. Ok, after proofing that one has the kite under control, allowed to enter the water (without board) and go crazy. Aim: Pull the kite into the power zone (where it has the most wind pressure) and find out what happens unbelievable, how much force even a small schooling kite has. It pulled me completely out of the water and some seconds it was like flying. Then flat on the watersurface and lots of gulps. If you ever try this, remember to keep your mouth closed and don't yell!

Next day: now with a board! Yea! Instructions: let yourself drag 1.5 leash lengths into the lake and then try to get on the board, direction further into the lake. Uhm... that's the WRONG direction... that's switch! I'm the most untalented person on earth if it comes to riding the WRONG direction . Well, you can't change wind direction and geographic location.
Ok... control the kite, drag, check kite, don't get disturbed by the hundreds (ok, I'm exaggerating. About 70) other kiters rushing past, check kite again, grab the board, oooooh... don't forget to control the kite. Swallow the water, grab board again WHILE controling the kite. Enter the bindings, last suspicious look at the duck stances and the direction, hell, it will work somehow. last deep breath and pull the kite into the power zone
Now comes the part where the emotions went from yeeeeea (2m riding ON the water, SWITCH) to brrrrlp (submarine). Do not ever pull the bar to your body and forget to let go. And don't think a kiteboard rides like a snowboard. Well, at some point they do: catching edges is an issue again. Scorpioned flat several times

Advantage of mountain lake: sweet water. I swallowed huge amounts of water that day. Disadvantage: unpredictable weather. A thunder storm lead to an abrupt end of the fun. We'll be there again in two weeks!

I really thought quicksand was going to be a much bigger issue in my life when I was little

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