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I tried snowboarding on the weekend . . .

Holy Mother of God.

Snowboarding is amazing. Incredible. I honestly think itís just about the most fun Iíve had in my life.

I went out to have a go, and stupidly I figured I didnít need a lesson, as I skated lots as a teen and still do occasionally.
'I know how to balance on a board and ride switch and ollie and stuff, Iíll just do it on snow instead of concrete!í

How wrong could I be, I pounded my body brutally into ice and snow for 5 hours straight. My wife was skiing and after about two hours she suggested maybe Iíd had enough. She kept asking Ďare you ok?í to which Iíd say hell yes this is awesome, then get up confidently, fly 4 meters down the slope and nail myself again.

Finally it started to click and by the end of the day I was getting down some intermediate runs with only 2-3 falls. I worked out how to carve toe and heel side, transition/rotate into switch and carve heel side in switch. I landed a couple of small jumps and ollie 180ís on flat slopes and managed to work out how to stop both heel and toe side.

While my crashes hurt, they were mostly minor due to some knowledge of how to fall. I was very glad for my hired wristguards though! I had one massive bail when I lost control and went down a hill way too fast, I tried to stop, caught an edge and left the ground completely. I broke my fall with my face and felt something tweak in my back, I was completely winded and couldn't see too well for a couple of minutes. 3 days later the sore muscles are ok, but Iím still pretty bruised on the butt, arms and ribs.

I loved every minute of it and am reading this forum wishing I could go again tomorrow. Sadly I canít afford to go often and I reckon I might only get one more day this year. Next year Iím getting a season pass and somehow Iíll get up there lots, not sure how yet but Iíll somehow make it work.

I love your sport
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