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Default Freeride bindings

I'm looking for some bindings for the Flagship. Reason for giving men's bindings a try: more response (and colors. decent colors. black. )

Ok... I try to put together the scattered info out of other threads (thanks for all the info!) and studying catalogues/web. Guess, I have my candidates now. Main aspects I'm looking for are comfort, response and good shock absorption (Flagship). Nice to have would be rotatable high-back (got steep forward angles) and canted foot bed, but these both options seem to be rather rare in this category of bindings, thus I assume that they are not necessarily an advantage, otherwise brands would include them . I won't exclude models without these options before I tried them...

- Ride El Hefe (size M) -> the have all the options. But no S size...?
- Burton Diodes (size S) -> all options except of canting... will try them.
- Union Charger or MC (S/M) -> their high-back look really high...? what about comfort?
- Flux DM or SF (size S or M?) -> what about shock absorption?
- Nidecker Carbon (size S/M) -> hmmm... were mentioned to be rather bulky... also the S/M?

The El Hefe and Diodes are on top of my list so far, but they are also very pricy... 520$ resp. 560$ and found none on sale. Yes, quality has it's price, that's ok. But maybe I'll find other models equally good, thus I'm really interested to demo them. I had Burton Escapades and Ride Fames so far, so I'm used to a certain degree of comfort . I know, comfort is something very individual, and I will demo the binding before buying, but my local shop only has Ride and K2, thus I need to demo other brands at demo days and for this I will need to contact the agents to make sure that they will bring the model/size. Experience showed, that they won't have the stuff I want to demo otherwise. Murphy.

My current Ride Fames M are 9cm/3.5In wide where the high-back is fixated, and 11.5cm/4.5In between the toe-straps. My K2 Contour women's size 8.5, men's 6.5 fit them perfectly, I have to squeeze them into the bindings. Since the boots are rather bulky for women's boots, I hope that they fit the probable wider fit of these men's bindings. Thus the main potential problem could be the high-back height. The rim of the boots is 27cm/10.6In.

If you know, that some of the listed models/sizes are very wide, or have a too high high-back and I thus can scratch them off the list, this would be very helpful.
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