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Originally Posted by chomps1211 View Post
....watching animals get mowed down on the freeway!!!

Gonna b a shitty evening!
Sorry to read that... Feel with you. Seems to be an universal equilibrium rule that for each nice person there is an idiot. People here mostly are aware of wildlife crossing streets on countryside. It's not unusual to see a car stopping in the middle of the street at night with warning lights on to give an hedgehog a save cross.

I really hate reckless driving! Tiny country with high density of streets... You'll have to cross main roads if hacking and our horses are used to traffic. 90% of car drivers are thoughtful and pass in reasonable speed and distance. The remaining idiots are comming very close/fast. Had an accident as kid with a pony on a sidetrack. A car approached in high speed and began honking before I was able to get off the track. Pony freaked out, turned and ran, slipped, fell and landed on my leg, stood up and ran again. I was lying at the roadside with a damaged knee. The car went by and dissappeared without stopping!
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