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Alright I'll bump this. Been doing a lot of research and have come up with...nothing haha. Been looking at the Ride Buckwild and Bataleon Evil Twin. It kind of sounds like these would be what I'm looking for, but I'm worried I'm going to end up with a board that isn't any looser than my Custom. Ride's twin rocker shape looks like something that might be what I should be looking for in a board.

One general question though, is it safe to assume a park board with some type of rocker-flat-rocker profile will be generally more playful and looser than a wide, normal camber board?

Also, sorry for unloading all of this on here. All this technology is still relatively new to me. I haven't bought a board since 2007, before any of these new profiles were available (or maybe I just wasn't aware of them).

Thanks for all of the help so far guys
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