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Originally Posted by neni View Post
I'm not the gym type, prefer to be outdoors.
Doing horseriding 5 times a week: gives you a very strong core and legs. For all those who think that horseriding is just sitting and no sport, try to control a 1200lbs TB in full speed or ride a dressage program in sitting trot before you judge . Dressage and XC demand a lot of balance and muscle force.
Not doing any specific endurance training, but walk a lot (fast pase, walking slowly makes me crazy ): not taking the bus gives me 40min from the parking lot to the office and not taking the lift to my office in the 6th floor gives a lot of extra steps. These little every day activities were sufficiant so far to have enough endurance for hiking or 6hrs snowboarding. Front leg is a bit more tired at the beginning of the season, but quickly builds up.
This is a good point, not using technology to haul your ass around is great for the legs. I always take the stairs and walk to places, I even walk to the market and hump my groceries back in my rucksack.
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