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I've been hitting the gym 6 days a week since last winter, It's really seemed to improve my knees and core, I'm pretty excited about the upcoming season! I've been doing legs twice a week (ATG squats, weighted lunges, Iso stuff) and lots of core work. I need to start doing more cardio to get my wind back before the season starts. Thinking about adding in sprints, I've been playing pickup games of BB a lot too.

The only lingering injury I'm thinking about going in for is my rotator cuff or shoulder, whatever it is. I can't do a pull up without extreme pain, I feel like it's limiting a lot of my goals. 2 years I could do 4 sets of 10 easy, now I can't do three and I'm in much better shape. I think it was from a accident at work a couple years ago or a blind cliff I launched off of (Flat, rocky, oops!) I just followed a line and figured since someone went off it must be ok.
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