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So I've got a new 2008 Burton Custom, help me complete it?

Hello friends. I've had a lot of informative reading on these forums. Snowboarding noob here. Long post here. Hopefully you guys will read most of it. Maybe you will laugh every now and then. I've been to the park 3 times now, looking to go hopefully another dozen days before this lack of snow season ends (bear m).

*this paragraph contains some back story but not all that super important* I dropped $100 so far on terrible board rentals, and I'm getting set to get my own gear. I picked up a Burton 2008 Custom non-ICS for a little under $300 today. Prior to this with all my research I wanted a lib Tech trs btx, GNU rider's choice, perhaps a Rome Anthem, or a Burton Custom/Custom ICS. Well, I'm not a trillionaire and every other board minus the 08 Custom was crazy expensive (for a board). The best deal I could find for any of them was $400. I picked up a 154. I am 5'9 1/2", 165, normal body type. I was being a total beeotch the past week and didn't buy a 156 08 Custom, and it literally went out of stock as I was about to order. That's what I get for having my asshole sitting on my beeotch hands and poking my little toe up my nose. Just had to vent. Anyway, hopefully the 154 is not too small. I'm pretty bad at boarding. I think I fell about 10x more than anyone has on their first day in the history of snowboarding. My big toe is still bloody from the crappy rental boot. I bruised ribs. I sprained my wrist a half dozen times. I still can't control myself on flatland although that might be because of board. I can heel stop pretty well though (that's pretty much how I'm getting down the mountain, fighting it most of the way. I'm trying to overcome that "oh crap I'm going to die" sensation that I quote from another poster here by trying to go straight) I'm starting to learn toe stop. I'm fairly certain I'm regular, but occasionally I'll go goofy for a while. Probably because I can't toe stop very well. I don't do crap at the park as of yet except when I unintentionally block people from using the features. Basically I can't carve yet. But I will soon fly down the mountain trying once my gear arrives. And with pads. heh heh heh.

So basically I'm just going down the hill right now. Hopefully near the end of the season I'll use my balls to try a few jumps. Rails look like they hurt.

So I've bought the Burton Custom 08. And with it comes further headache. Through my research I narrowed down my binding choices to Rome Targa, Rome 390, and Rome Arsenal in that order (this was when I tried hard to find a deal on the TRS). So I've read that Rome will work on the Custom, but I just need to request a different type of plate or something. Anyway, I'm wondering if using Rome bindings are a good idea on this board. Because of the whole "..blah blah Burton works well with Burton blah blah." What's a good comparison to the Targas by Burton? Triads? Cartels? Am I right to assume Mission is comparable to 390? What compares to Arsenal? I guess for Burton bindings I'm looking at Cartels. Mission is probably a no go. Am I setting my sights too high? Should I just get Burton Custom bindings or some other cheaper offering? BTW, if I were to get a used Burton 08 Custom ICS board with Burton Cartel EST bindings for $400, does that sound like a good deal? I'm sort of curious as to whether the ICS is that dope. And I can't seem to find an answer to whether the 2009 Custom ICS has better tech improvements than 2008 Custom ICS. Mostly graphics?

As for boots I'm going to try and find a place where I can try some on. Buttt, any boot recommendations? I'm looking at Burton (Sabbath, Ruler, maybe Moto), 32 (lashed, prion? unleashed??), and I've picked up some chatter on Saloman brand boots. I have normal width I'd say. If anything ever so slightly narrow at the heel if anything. Probably normal.

Oh yeah, is it a bitch to use wrist guards that protect impact from movement on the top and bottom of the wrist? Anyone have experience with chest pads? I think my ribs have finally healed.
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