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Factory wax is almost always poo, trust me.. it is worth it to wax it.. you can detune, basically you run a file over the edges(look at the stickies somewhere on this forum explaining it) so you don't have catchy super sharp edges from the factory

written by snowolf in the sticky:


Once you have filed edges, they will have burrs and this will make the edge very grabby and in some cases the board will be overly responsive and edgy. What you want to do is lightly "detune" the edge. Very lightly, run a sharpening stone down the edge just like you would when sharpening a knife. Keep it gentle and try to hold the stone at the angle of the edge. The idea here is just to smooth out the sharp edge, not dull it.

The final phase it to run a gummy stone gently up and down the edge a few times. These are rubbery things like an eraser, but with abrasive compound embedded in the rubber. It really smooths out microscopic burs and makes your edge very smooth and slick.

Now for aggressive detuning; you want to take your new board and aggressively detune the tip and tail of your board. Go from the contact points all the way around the nose and the tail. The contact points are the widest points of the snowboard right where the side begins. Lean the board on it`s edge and see where the board rests on the table; that point is the contact point. Just take your file and round that edge slightly so there is no sharp edge and then detune the burs. You do not use the tip and tail for control in most riding and detuning here helps prevent edge catches especially for buttering.

If you want to detune the entire effective edge for jibbing, understand that this is not a reversible change. Once you round that edge, you would have to grind the shit out of it to get a sharp edge back. Once you detune an edge like this, you are stuck with it so be sure you want to commit to it. Even so, only put a very slight round to the edge. All you want to do is take the sharp point off of the edge for rails.

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