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Originally Posted by Technine Icon View Post
The thing that pisses me off the most and I always see when I go riding is other snowboarders slamming their boards on the ground before getting on the lift. Not only does this get almost none of the snow off their boards but its the most annoying sound ever. Does anyone agree with me? What else pisses you off?
Good thread, should be interesting.

Stomp-cleaning doesn't really annoy me. If they've got a lacquered topsheet they'll eventually crack the shit out of it in cold weather... rest safe in that knowledge.

This list is long:
-Folks who obviously aren't ready for the trail difficulty they're on. Nothing pisses me off more than trying to get around that one douchebag-on-skis who should be on the bunny hill but is using half the width of the trail... I go left, they go left to block me, I sigh and go right, they go right and block me. Half the time I end up looking like the dick because I have to squeak by them so close I might as well be cutting them off.
-Long lift lines and snowpunks who cut in said lines.
-Lifts that stop every 5 feet to let yet another douche-nozzle who should be on the bunny lift pick themselves up off the ground.
-People who flail their board, poles, or skis around on the lift and end up banging the shit out of my decent board with their Lamar turd-stick.
-People who stand right in the way of high traffic areas while they fiddle with their gear (like the entrance to the lift line area)... you may not be the only asshole on the mountain buddy, but you're certainly the biggest.
-People who unload from the lift and then stand there strapping in, having a conversation, or putting their thumb up their ass. Like nobody else could possibly be trying to get off the lift behind you, Jackass.
-Stoned liftees. Put down the joint and throw some snow on that loading/unloadng area. Or don't put down the joint.. I don't care, just throw some snow on that sheet of ice.
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