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Originally Posted by SnowOwl View Post
So long story short, I hit a feature last season, and literally ended up going head over heels.... over it...and landed on my lower back. Needless to say it wasn't a pleasant experience. Since then however, it seems my lower left lumbar has become quite hyper active. To put it to light the best: imagine flexing your lower back for 9 months strait now.

After seeing 2 different chiropractors and some trainer friends, the only real option left to help fix it is a professional masseuse.

Standing with my shirt ON, one can visibly see the left muscles are far more swollen. Shirt off, and you can actually watch the muscle fire off and spasm...

Anyone on here have any experience with hyper active backs? Know of any good stretches to help break up the swollen muscle tissue? Or any exercise to balance out the muscles. Anything at this point lol

Honestly, the idea that I cant alleviate my own pain is more painful to me than the actual injury.
Hyper active back isn't a diagnosis. Back pain is a diagnosis, which can be caused by hyperactive back muscles...
By if your back is hypertonic, there is usually a damn good reason to why, and also understand that hypertonic paraspinals does not = back pain.
Have you had x-rays done? If you haven't go get them, look for a pars fracture by the description of that mechanism.
Is there any popping and clicking? I'd also be worried about instability of some sort.

In terms of stretching and exercises, don't worry about the superficial muscles so much. you wan't to start activating and using the deep muscles.
Bird dog
Side planks
Mcgill Side planks.
I'd also suggest find a PT certified in functional movement screening to help you with this if you are in Canada, or a CCSP/FMS/SFMA certified chiropractor if you are in the United States.
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