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Originally Posted by slyder View Post
What did your X-rays show? Any structure misalignment. I now use a in inversion table of traction combined with stretching and this has helped me greatly.
I had structural issues which then caused muscle spasms and severe tightness in my back. The use of those two things helped me greatly!!!
Pretty much this. An inversion table I could definitely use. I never really considered I was structurally wasn't intact. Though now it seems fairly obvious

Originally Posted by jml22 View Post
Hyper active back isn't a diagnosis. Back pain is a diagnosis, which can be caused by hyperactive back muscles...
By if your back is hypertonic, there is usually a damn good reason to why, and also understand that hypertonic paraspinals does not = back pain.
Have you had x-rays done? If you haven't go get them, look for a pars fracture by the description of that mechanism.
Is there any popping and clicking? I'd also be worried about instability of some sort.
To be fair I never said I was diagnosed with Anything Lol. And I definitely know what did it....I did a flip onto my back 20 feet past the feature

the mentioned exercises don't really help me. If anything they make it worse by further aggravating the muscles. Remember theyre hyper active not under active. I need them to loosen and relax some how without eating somas like they're skittles.

I'm thinking it has some correlations with muscles in my hips and legs

Originally Posted by Donutz View Post
It may be a naive question, but have you used icepacks? I have back problems (relatively minor, muscle rather than skeletal related) and when something starts to get chronic, a couple of ice applications usually take the swelling down enough to be able to stretch it out.
Not naive, It's what my chiropractor keeps recommending but it can go either way. While it can reduce the swelling, it also makes it super stiff at times. So idk.
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