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Originally Posted by Taylor_Gang View Post
Holy Shit!!!

I am a new comer to this website/forum and this thread is pretty OLD and its still going...Started back in '09 haha! I found it because I am in the market for a new car that can handle mountain/snow roads BUT still give me good mpg.

I am too LAZY to search/read the posts in the 100+ pages this thread has gotten.

I will get straight to the point and see what kind of sarcasm you guys have for me :

Some people on here are saying Hondas/economy sedans & coupes (civic,accord, 4cyl bangers, etc) can make it to the mountains for snowboarding and back (as long as you use cautionary procedures) are as RELIABLE as bigger better vehicles (trucks, SUV's) ALL while doing it with better MPG.

In my 5 years of snowboarding...I have used Honda civic, VW rabbit and Mazda3 Wagon (current). All are reliable and can take me to the mountains no problem (as long as cautionary measures are taken) PLUS the added benefit of better MPG.

BUT...I am always "wishing" for BIGGER and BETTER . I also want PEACE OF MIND that it will take me where ever I need no matter what the road conditions.

I know what that requires: AWD or 4X4 in TRUCK or SUV body.

BUT...I HATE the terrible MPG those vehicles get

Should I stick with 4cyl bangers or upgrade?

I believe TACO, FRONTIER or Xterra as being the middle ground or "best of both worlds".

To me...TACO is a really HEAVY contingent on my list!!! White, black or red...she would look so SEXY on some aggressive snow tires, a good 4-5" lift and what the heck...while we are at it...a camper shell for parking lot CAMP OUTS, HIGH TIMES and the occasional BOOTY CALL!

Let the sarcasm begin!

It's easy to convince yourself you need a big car, especially when you need it to stuff your giant vagina in the trunk.

The only reason anyone needs a big truck would be off roading, or some actual utility usage like construction, hauling, towing...

If there is enough snow that you would need the clearance, any pass you would be driving on would be closed.

All you need is some AWD and snow tires (preferably a higher clearance than a GTR) and you will notice a huge difference from an econobox.

FWIW, my Golf R has AWD and a lower clearance and has had no issues driving to the mountains on a regular basis. And that is with all season tires, not snows.
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