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Originally Posted by Catman View Post
I've got a burton clash that is 11 months old and the base is starting to separate I think.They die cut Burton in white into the base and it is starting to swell at the seams and it looks like water is getting in and separating the base layer. All the edges around the cut areas are turning milky looking sort of. I will try to get a pic. soon
You've got two possible reasons here: #1 It's another shitty Burton product. They don't make 'em like they used to. Does that mean they're shit? No, they're decent boards, but when a business upscaled into a multi-national corp. (The only thing Un Inc. really means on a practical level is Jake calls all the shots and pockets all the money, while convincing the kids he's somehow sticking it to the man) and ships mfg overseas, you're going to increase the bad-apple count.

#2 You got a perfectly good board and never waxed it either enough or at all. I would guess that this 'milky' look is a very dry and heavily oxidized (burnt) base screaming for wax. I have a hard time believing that even Burton would send a board with a die-cut base out to the masses without sealing the edges, so I'd guess #2 is your issue. You could have just scraped and scraped and the sealant could have worn away with time.

Waxing isn't just something old people do for fun, it's vital for base protection. You may have just learned the lesson the hard way.

Either case, you've obviously got water penetrating deep into the layers. I don't know how deeply, but if it's down to the core, you're screwed, and it's probably so wet it's too late to fix. But if it's not that deep, hopefully you can find a way to dry out the board and reseal the seams, if not, you're also screwed here too.
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