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I'm looking at the impossible and the rider's choice. The difference seems to be in the camber profile, EC2 vs C2. I wonder if anybody could explain the difference in ride between those two?
Hi ST,

Deciphering Mervin's profiles is...ummm...not all that easy. Their info-graphics and videos do very little to make that easier (and in this case make it more confusing).

Simply put, C2 is what we have been referring to in this thread as Camber Rocker Camber. EC2 (Elliptical C2) is essentially the same basic design but with a slightly different camber shape and an extra (very minor) radius which slightly lifts the contact points when weighted.

The idea is that EC2 is a slightly easier going version of C2, aimed to further reduce catchiness, give extra float in pow, etc.
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