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Originally Posted by ju87 View Post
if you can session for 4 hours no problem at the indoor slope you'll probably be fine.

you will have more downtime at a "real mountain" riding lifts, navigating & route-finding etc, so you're not banging out runs non-stop like you are at an indoor slope. 4 hours of indoor might even be more intense than a full day on the mountain.
Thanks for that!
Like I've said before, I thought I had great legs and they do me well at hockey but this snowboarding uses muscles in different ways...

As a D man, I don't tend to play forward as much but still go up front and play the faster game when needed plus I can give and take some big hits, good job seeing as I have had a few big falls!

Anyway, it's always good to keep on top of things and when we're out on the mountain, I guess I'll find out then if I'm doing it right?!?!?

Thanks again for the input!
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