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Yeah last year... but to understand the story you need to know, Im in the Army national guard so maintaining a good state of health its critical.. Im not a useful soldier if im broken... Anyways, It was my first time out all season, people had been dodging me to go so i said fuck it ill go by myself. Normally when its my first time out for the season ill ride some green trails just to kinda refresh my body and get warmed up. I had been snowboarding for about 2 hours and decided to go to the top and hit one of the gnarly diamonds on the way down. Im not good enough to totally bomb one of them but good enough to go down fairly quick, I hit the little jump just before it but i hit it at a bad angle, i landed and immediately i was totally off balance so i was swerving back and forth trying to get my balance, I should have just bailed but hingsight is 20/20, while all this is going on im going way too fast even if i was in control. after what felt like forever of trying wrestle my board back to undercontrol i caught and edge, or hit a rock or something idk, but i got into this summersault, backflip, corkscrew, crazy spinnin crash and at one point my board stopped turning but my body didnt and i felt the worst pain of my life in my back then smashed my head and i was out for a moment. when i came to i was totally alone on the trail and in more pain than ive ever been in. I thought to myself "I think its about time for lunch" and tried to stand but it wasnt happening, i could barely breath much less try to not only finish this trail but then go down the rest of the mountain. luckily someone came by and grabbed the ski patrol and they took me.. found out what happened is i torn S1 in my back, which is the disc where the nerves that goto your leg cross. My season was over the day it started and i hurt so much all the time that just getting out of bed was a difficult task. The sergeant in charge of me was pissed, beyond pissed. I had a training event coming up and i couldnt go if i was hurt. I was in trouble and in a ton of pain and for a while i said i was done, no more of this for me... But with season almost here, all the shops getting ready, the weather starting to change... how can i say no because of one miscalculation?
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