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Originally Posted by timmytard View Post
In the spirit of mma, I guess I'll post this in here
Thought about startin' a thread but meh, I didn't think it would work with all the smart ass trolls.
Plus I doubt anyone would believe me anyway

My ex's new boyfriend picked a fight with me about 2 weeks ago.
I drove by them & when I looked in my mirror, I could see buddy turned around, arms up in the air. So I stopped my car, got out & said "you got a problem"

Buddy loses it, starts screamin' profanities, gives his purse & whatever he was holding & runs down the street @ me telling me I'm dead.

So, we square up. Buddy's about the same height I guess, not quite as svelte as me
I got a nice jab, I use it lots. If you think you can hit me with Haymaker, without some sort of set up, not so much.

I would never square up against some & throw a bomb 1st punch, unless he's tied to a chair
He thought that was a great strategy

When he went to throw a bomb, I lunged in with a super stiff jab.
1st one stopped him dead in his tracks.
Back up. Square up. Same thing. Only harder.
Clinched for a sec, I ended up slappin' a Muay Thai clinch around his neck, our/my legs were all tangled up so I couldn't unleash a knee. I seen it happening in my mind, but he just squirted out @ the last second

Buddy definitely ain't smart, what he was doin' wasn't workin', but he stuck with it.

Square up. Same thing, but this time he goes down & I cut my left hand on his face/teeth.

When he hits the dirt, cunt face starts screaming & running towards us.
It's a pretty far ways away, buddy made quite the spectacle out of himself running all that way to worked.

When she's about half way to us, he gets up & starts walking on a diagonal towards my running car. Still in my direction, but directly @ my car.
Don't know if he was groggy or what

I had about a three step walk in, to Haymaker
Down he goes, she runs right past him & tries to claw my eyes out.

After he gets up, wouldn't you know it
Apparently he knows every Hells Angel in the land, & I'm a dead man now. Blah Blah, heard it before.
The HA don't do shit when you pick a fight, lose & then beak off to the whole neighbor hood.
You gotta be really high up the food chain to pull that off.


Usually people in street fights always throw their haymaker punch on the first punch. Someone who has been training in striking marital arts would easy be able to avoid and counter with a good combo..
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