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Originally Posted by AllMtrH22 View Post
I watched snowwolfs video and am wondering what temperature you set the iron to. Looks like the wax melts immediately when he puts the iron down whereas it takes me awhile to get the wax melting unless I move very slowly. If I move any faster, the wax almost never melts and this is at a much higher temperature then what vancouver ski shop told me to use so I was worried.
Should I just turn it up more?
The temperature depends on the wax itself.

"Warmer" waxes have lower melting points than colder waxes.

The wax manufacturer will have the melting temperature for the wax listed somewhere, whether it's on the package, or maybe the website., if the wax is smoking on the iron... it's too hot.

the first pass, to distribute the wax is the slowest. Once the wax (that you dripped on) is spread out, then each pass, you can go quicker.


For this hydrocarbon wax, the recommended starting setting for the iron is 110C.

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