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Originally Posted by Karpediem View Post
Sugar Loaf news...
I got his 10-page update yesterday afternoon... Le sigh. Too much to really try to repeat it all here. He talks all the right talk. It's difficult to read it without feeling like he might actually know what he's doing. If you can get past the narcissism and poorly written release. The press releases are equally bad; they're obviously distributed from his camp, probably written by his own hand but designed to read like they are some independent source. Who the fuck describes himself as "extreme entrepreneur" for starters?? What does that even mean? Shit's so 1997.

Originally Posted by Karpediem View Post
I just don't see this working. Not the right setting/community for this to actually work.
Neither do I. And not just because I think he's a douchebag of epic proportions. And not just because I think there's some shady shit going on with the property; most likely some or all of the previous owners, who've proven to be basically fuckwads over the last 20 years, are still involved somehow. There is no other reason why public records would not indicate the ownership was transferred, unless they're deliberately trying to hide something. It's perfectly legal to withhold recording a deed, but there are few legitimate reasons to do so.

Where it's situated is great for commuting but shitty for an all-season/full-service resort.

Every big resort already has killer parks. The best he could do is match the parks they have, but then there's the whole "only 500 vertical feet" issue. Why would you ride a miniature version of Park City, if you could actually ride Park City?

The economics are totally fucked.

90% of all visitors will be from Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Nobody is getting on an airplane in Seattle and flying to Grand Rapids and driving 3 hours to Sugar Loaf with 500 vertical feet.

There's 40 other ski areas in the state that he's competing with. Nub's Nob has one of the best parks. So does Cannonsburg. So will Mt. Brighton. All other resorts will serve FAMILIES better. This is where they make money. Families don't throw ragers. Families don't trash your rooms. Families stay at the resort, rack up $100s at the restaurant, bar, rental gear, etc.

ugggggh I feel like I could keep going but I will stop now.
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