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From my understanding, the tax cuts are based on earnings. So small business, incorporated or not, are considered "small" depending on the amount of money being made.

Small businesses HAVE to be able to compete. The reason we are where we are is because large corporations get TOO big and TOO powerful. They squeeze out competition, they automate, they have no community loyalty, and the execs at the top, end up forgetting about people and worry about bottom line. You don't see a whole lot of small businessman lobbyists payin' shit tons of cash to congressman trying to get bills passed to benefit they're business. We have a great opportunity right now to re-shape some things. I'd love to see the gov invest MONEY into the small businesses that did shit right over the last 8 years. For example, the car company Zap has been working on a pure electric crossover SUV that gets over 200 miles per charge, goes 155 mph, and goes from 0 to 60 in 4.8 seconds. But to be able to get that car in production, they need money for R&D and to make it affordable to the public rather than a 60,000 price tag. So, instead of throwin' money at Ford, GM or Chrysler, why not throw money at Zap, or Tesla. And not just giving them the money. Buy their cars for government fleets. Jobs lost at GM or Ford would be gained by Zap and Tesla. And maybe for GM, Ford and Chrysler to become a bit more INNOVATIVE, rather than just strong-arming themselves to the top. Reward good deeds, hard work and innovation. That should be what drives the American business. Not large corporations forcing themselves into our lives because they made themselves the ONLY choice.

I'd rather see things like that coming from the gov then just tax cuts, or just bailouts. Build infrastructure. But not just fixing roads. We need a new electrical grid. We need an infrastructure to support electric cars and other alternative fuels. If the gov gets on board, I'm sure you'll see some of those rish dudes jumpin on the band wagon and finding a way to profit buy building their own electric fuel stations and shit like that.

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