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Originally Posted by l1th View Post
I'm curious, how far do you guys have your Snowcat spread apart? With my Impreza, there's no way I can have them far enough apart to keep the bindings inside the two holders. I suppose it's not absolutely necessary but it's what's shown in the manual. I'm also trying to accomodate my friends with skis or boarders with a wider stance. Thule does say it needs to be spread at least 700mm.

Also, with this configuration, there's no way I can load up four boards since the rails aren't nor the Snowcat is high enough to clear the bindings. I knew it was going to be a problem but I had my fingers crossed heh.. It would be possible I suppose if I adjusted the bindings every time.

I kinda wish I bought a box instead. I would have if I wasn't planning on moving into an apartment.
Mine are probably 80cm apart, I have 110 and 120 boards for the kids. I made it about as far apart as I could and still feel confident it would hold them securely. I have the same problem with the bindings and the height clearance, but I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to handle it. One side will be ok because my wife's skis will be facing down.

Pirt near here!
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