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Originally Posted by HughJayness View Post
Anybody have advice for flips? I want to learn how to be comfortable with flips. (rodeo/trampoline-style backflip)

I can land about 3/4 backflips when practicing on a tramp, but I know I don't naturally tuck on the trampoline, which I was told you always have to do on a board.

When on a board, I think I could get the rotation of the flip. Except, I don't know how I'd do with adjusting for the angle of the landing. What I mean is... I feel like I'd be flipping at the angle of the jump itself, while not being able to position myself in the air for the landing.

I'm planning on doing a lot of airbag practice this season before I balls up and commit to a real flip. But... an airbag is a flat 90 degree landing... not a 40 degree or whatever landing from a jump.

Does this adjustment come naturally? Or do you have to practice to make up for that extra leveling-out rotation?

throw it and land in some deep pow....don't try it on a groomed run, ESPECIALLY in'll break your f'n neck
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