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Originally Posted by cozmo View Post

A serious board plus binders would cost u anywhere from 600$ to well over a 1000$ US.

So have you?
What can you do against it?

From what i hear from my local board shop and snowboard teacher there are two sort of thief's..

- younger kids who take a beaten up board uphill to leave with a 800$ NS or Burton Flying V

- White Van guys who troll the apres-ski bars and lower lifts and just load 10 - 20 boards/pairs of skis in their van and leave.

In the French and Austrian resorts I've been to I've seen a board locked maybe once or twice. Meaning hundreds and hundreds of boards unlocked.
With me riding renta-crap before I couldn't care less but last year on my own board (50 of my local Craigslist) I've started to always keep an eye on it.
This year (to save me from tears, Xmas season is coming ) with a brand spanking new Mountain Twin im locking it for sure.
Same goes for shared depots in the apartments. I'm taking my board inside, not leaving it in a shared cellar for someone to take a liking to it.
It's also the reason why I have a apple sticker on it, to make it mine and easy recognizable.

Here's my 3 euro solution:

Have You Ever: Had A Snowboard Stolen? - YouTube
No. Never had my board stolen.

Best way to avoid it: if possible use a ski check service.

if not... then I use a cheap cable lock. Keep in mind, one can unscrew your binding to steal the board itself.
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