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Default Old School in need of New School advice

First off I'd like to say hello to everyone. Been lurking here forever and final decided to take the sign up plunge because I'm in need of a little board selection help.

Rider Stats
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165 Lbs
Shoe Size: 9.5-10
Budget: Doesn't matter
Location: Southeast, mostly North Carolina with a few trips to Snowshoe WV.

I've only ridden 2 boards in my entire 20 years of riding, first lasted me 14 years, and old 153 Burton A Twin and I've been riding a 156 Custom X since about 2006. The leap in tech was huge between the 2 boards, really refreshed my riding experience.

My riding style as of late has been all mountain, but it could be the board dictating that, and that's what most of my friends are doing, very rarely do we hit the park anymore. I'm getting older now and don't quite bounce back as well as I used to.

Big air really isn't found in my neck of the woods although I'm very comfortable launching off whatever I find. I don't play on rails and boxes much although I would if I came across more, those didn't even exist when I started out. I ride from the top to the bottom and hit whatever I can find, be it natural features (this is big for me, I look at the natural terrain for difficulty so I tend to ride over what normal people might avoid), little kickers, fresh powder on the edges of groomed, little tree runs, maybe a park run if it's convenient to my line. At this point after having sex with the mountain for 20 years, anything that can spice up the trail is nice. I will straight air, 180-360 off of just about anything I can find.

With that in mind I have found I like a more surfy feel to snowboarding and with the Mrs. now starting to snowboard I need to slow it down a bit and enjoy and play with the terrain more instead of the bullet the Custom X tends to be. I'd like to work on some butter skills so I will need some flex (I see this as a great area to expand on cause the risk vs reward seems minimal for a body that's been beat up by years of extreme sports).

Having ridden only traditional board profiles, these rocker and hybrids seem to be what I may be looking for. I'm holding on to the Custom X, because I believe its a great board but I'm looking for something different. If it can
handle powder on the rare east coast day that would be a plus, because I do not have a powder board and so far my experiences with the X in powder have been lacking. Boards that have caught my eye during my research are:

Length would be anything 156 or close to it.

Lib Tech Skate Banana (will an advanced rider be disappointed by it's limitations?)
Lib Tech Attack Banana
Lib Tech Black Magic
Never Winter Proto HD (leaning this way)
Never Winter SL
Gnu Rider's Choice
K2 Happy Hour
Lib Tech TRS/Travis Rice (afraid this will be too similar to the Custom X)

And certainly I would be open to any other suggestions. I'm shying away from Burton boards as I really don't like the channel system they have gone to (and I've really begun to question the quality of their bindings having destroyed several pairs of missions)

Sorry for the long read, but more information is always better than less when it comes to board decisions. Can you help an old guy out?

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