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My not so epic day at T-line

My wife's birthday was the 16th. We had a buy one get one ticket at Timberline, but it was only good Wed. So went headed up yesterday to have a good time on the mountain. It started off badly. On the way up, someone in a blue car going WAY too fast down the hill spun out and slammed into a wall behind us. I hadn't even gotten up there and I was already on an adrenaline rush, but the bad kind. Also, this is my second trip to T-line and BOTH times someone has almost hit us coming down the hill at mach 2. What is the DEAL?! Learn to drive.

Anyways, we get there and buy an all-day pass. $56 or something like that. What we didn't realize was that the hill closed at 4. We could have bought a 1-4 ticket for cheaper, but instead we paid more to spend an extra 45 minutes on the hill. That's how we roll.

And then, I almost died.

I was cutting through the trees because that's my favorite thing to do. But I misjudged a turn and got caught in one of those sinkhole around the trees. The front of my board dug in and I upended into another tree head first. I ended up with my head buried about 2 feet into the snow, well past my shoulders. The problem was that my feet were up over my head and my back was wedged against a tree. I tried to get loose, but I couldn't. I was stuck.

So I began to think, "Nice. I'm going to die with my head in the snow and my ass in the air." It sucked for a second before I realized how appropriate it was. Really. I'm not a brave person. I'm not noble or heroic. I'm only good for making people laugh. My death SHOULD be an anecdote. It should be a story you tell around the dinner table. Then, I toppled over and the sun shone on my face again. Turns out I wasn't THAT stuck. Anyways, I'd been there for a couple minutes, so I'd lost my wife. I went for one more run alone before returning to the car where she was awaiting me, a little upset that I ditched her.

So we headed back and she played a CD and we sang and rubbed our sore muscles. All said and done, it was a good day. Even though I did almost die.

Timberline was GREAT. The sun was out, the snow was fresh. Probably going back again next week.
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