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Default Wrathfuldeity, teach me the Billy Goat Split please!

Ok, so the splitting bug has grabbed me hard and I thought I was set on the NS SL Split, but NS is just way to much $$ up here at my local shop. So there is a 159cm Billy Goat that I can get the bro price on and she is starting to look really fine. I will be riding it in and around Nelson, BC until the foreseeable future, which basically means endless fluffy snow! I heard the profile of the board does not skin well on hard or icy conditions, but we don't get that up here so I think I should be fine..... nothing crampons won't fix any ways. Wrath, I have gone back and found a few of your posts regarding the board, but was hoping you could clear some stuff up for me. You have spoken about how it loves to charge the "fall line", I am unsure of what that means exactly....sorry. I also believe in your review you said that the board was nimble, will it be good in the trees? I would say 80% of my riding will be in semi-technical terrain consisting of glades to tight trees, small drops and the odd pillow line. Any info you could provide me would be greatly appreciated!

On the same subject-ish I can get the same bro price on some sparks and I am leaning towards the Magento's. Anyone seen the Tesla system yet? Gimmick, awesome? My local shop won't have them in until early next week.

As always, thank you everyone for your great help and advice!

If anyone wants my specs:

31yrs old

158lbs, no gear


Size 9 boots
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