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Yes it’s basically what 24werd notes above. I think what makes the Billy goat nimble and agile is the torsional flex in that it twisty and thus the nose does not like to be perpendicular or transverse of the fall line. Which they effect is the nose really loves to be within 45 or less in the fall line; the result is the board just wants to flow the fall line. Also the torsional looseness flexs with the terrain and kind of eats it up. I had to get used to letting the go of the reigns and kind of let the goat run its course and not fight it so much... Then once I understood this and mentally able to keep ahead the board almost takes care of the riding and I try to manage staying on top of the thing. Definitely fun a ride how it flows... Also when going off small for me natural terrain hits the torsional flex absorbs that in perfections of the landings and it makes the board feel very sure footed.
As for the Sparks, hopefully my afterburners will be arriving this week gurrr. And yes I did order crampons to remedy any of the skinning issues.
For your size and weight I would imagine the 159 will be perfect for your snow.

I am at 180 pounds and for really deep days the 162 would be better but for my purposes I think that 159 works pretty well for me I can ride about knee to thigh deep if there’s some bottom and it works just fine for the heavy poo.

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