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Default Dying snowboard pants

so heres a thread for who ever wants to step in and flame or perhaps maybe I might even get one useful comment

I have white snowboard pants. I used to think they were really cool and would go with what ever jacket I wanted to wear. I should have just gone simple black. they get dirty easy and I can never be fkd to wash them so they stay that way.

I was going to buy a new pair of pants for this season but after checking out a bunch and realising pant tech has not really changed much over the years I would essentially just be spending money on a change of colour.

I'm sure I can change the colour, shit I do this all the time when I wash my white tees with pairs of my jeans and colour runs through them accidently.
But can I dye these pants without ruining the waterproofing or mesh sections where the vents are or that super soft comfy inside lining near the top?

cheers lads.
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