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Originally Posted by Ataraxy View Post
Hey guys,

First time poster, been reading for a bit though.

I am treating myself to some new gear for the first time in 5+ years, and I'd really like to get some quality stuff that'll last me for a bit- I'm more of a wear it till it breaks sort of guy.

Been putting in significant research and I'm just torn between some pants and jackets... Coming to the experts for advice!

Open to suggestions, but here's what I'm looking at currently, throw down some knowledge, if you guys would be so kind! Fit, comfort, durability, etc, ya know?

I'm 6'2", 195lbs with 34 waist, and ride in the North East, so it can get wet, and cold. I've tried on the Smarty's, and Burton Cargos, large seems to fit? I don't want anything too baggy.. I dig the insulation of the 686, but maybe Gore-Tex is the way to go? Thanks for any help in advance! Trying to score some deals if I can before Christmas.

TL;DR? What do you think of these pants/jackets??


686 Smarty Cargo Large Tall (Tall would fit properly, right?)

Burton 2L Gore-Tex Cargos


686 Plexus

Ride Sodo or Gatewood

Special Blend Circa

Oakley Originate
you want quality... then anything goretex... especially the pants... Jacket I would say 10k-15k in whatever color you like...also get a ninja suit if your splurging...
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