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Default Knee Pain

Hi, I just got a new board and bindings and for the first time I had to set it up on my own. My old one was stiffer, smaller and had the stance 15 and 0. The new one is flexier, bigger and I made the setting a bit wider but I set the stance the same, 15 and 0 but I noticed I had less control over with this stance on the new board so I will have to change it. Most likely to 15 and -12 or 12 and -12

I did bigger jumps twice and I heard a crack or felt a crack in the knee of my back foot like when you crack your hands but I felt no pain. When I went home I noticed a pain in the knee so I was wondering for those who have experience.
Should I make the setting smaller and change the stance or will just changing the stance help since after all I got the pain in the foot with 0 stance so it might have happened cause it's natural to stand in the duck stance.

I'm Female
Board 146

I'm sorry for my english, it's my third language.

Thanks ahead.
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