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Default XV 164 wide

Got a short chance to ride my XV 164 wide.

The conditions were mostly hard, glazed over, and icy. I had a few momentary places of finding a patch of soft stuff 6", maybe a foot deep.

Stance is reference with a + 16 and 0. I'm about 5'11 and 195 with gear on, 11 boots.

The maneuverability feels like a much smaller board to me. Felt like I was on a regular width 155 or so. I was contemplating a 168 wide instead and after riding I know the bigger size would not have felt too big or cumbersome at all. Don't be afraid to size up on this board, make float in the pow that much better.

I didn't think the board was edge grabby at all; as in the bad way at wanting to catch an edge. At least in the conditions I was riding in.

The edge hold was phenomenal. It bit in every time and gave me a confident feeling that I could rely on the edge to bite when I needed it there the most.

It can carve and hold a very tight turn.

In the soft it had a little surfy and float feeling, as to be commonly expected from a rocker nose board.

I hit crud, icy snowcat track marks that vibrated me so bad my vision was completely blurred out, and no matter what I hit I never felt like I was losing control. Very stable feeling.

Didn't have any grief with it on groomers, performed just fine.

Slashed in the trees just fine and didn't have any issues with quick maneuvers dealing with stumps and logs sticking up in the back country.

The board does like to be ridden fast. The faster I opened it up, the better the board felt.

The board can definitely take more riding ability than I can dish to it.

So far it is proving to be a great freeride board.
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