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Originally Posted by Jibfreak View Post
So whats the difference in you posting this ad versus a company directly posting it? Because I'm pretty sure if a company posted this they'd get ripped a new one.

And these helmets are neither the best looking or best performing helmet.
The difference is that he's an active contributing member with a lot of posts, and as far as we know not personally profiting from the sales of this product. This is more in the nature of a PSA or a review, which members do quite often.

I'm a bit concerned about people jumping down other people's throats lately about what they're posting. That can tend to have a chilling effect on the membership, where people hesitate to post something lest they get flamed. Let the mods and admins make those decisions. Report the post if you think it's spam.

OTOH, when it's an obvious spammer, it's open season.

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