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Default Pressure point - Burton Hail vs 32 Lashed?

Hey guys,

So after trying on a bunch of boots, i'm testing out a pair of Burton Hails and 32 Lashed boots (got both, intending to return one). I really like the feel of the Burton Hails - they fit nice and snug everywhere, but after wearing them around the house for about 2 hours i feel some pain on my outer forefoot.

It's basically due to my foot being weird - there's a wide spot right where the little toe ends. The black circle is where the main pressure point is, and there's a bit of squeezing going on where the grey circle is too.

My question is - will heat molding or boot fitting help get rid of this? Like I said the Hail's fit me nice and snug everywhere else EXCEPT for this area. The 32 Lashed (which are the second most comfortable pair) don't have any pressure points on me, but I feel like they are a little looser and don't fit quite as well.

I've also heard that 32 boots fall apart more easily which is why I'm trying to get the Hails to work (not sure if this is still true).

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