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It sounds like you're trying to apply the same technique from short radius carves to your long, wide carves, which is messing up your longer carves.

The trick with doing those long wide carves is it's about applying very gradual slight pressure. If you push hard on your edge, you're going to turn sharply, since carving is riding your edge and your edges always wants to turn when pressured.

More pressure = sharper carve, less pressure = mellow carve

Pretend that your feet are gas pedals in a car and you want to very gradually step down on that gas pedal for toeside carves and very gradually lift off the gas pedal for heelside carves.

Just like you don't try to stomp the foot down on the gas pedal to accelerate at a traffic light, you want to think the same way with long, drawn out carving and just gradually apply a tiny bit of pressure to your edge.
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