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Default How to make a retractable pole mount for your helmet cam

Just finished up my pole mount for the Contour Roam and thought I would share since finding a compact, solid, low cost solution is about impossible. I tested a similar setup last year and it worked amazingly.
First, go to Menards or Meijer or wherever that sells camping gear and buy a cheap retractable hot dog roasting stick from Coleman brand ($3.99 here in Indianapolis)
Step 2: Purchase a cheap set of bicycle handlebar grips ($4.99)
Step 3: Get the Contour pole mount...I just bought one off of the Clymb for 7.99
Step 4: Slide the handlebar grip over the wooden handle of the hot dog roaster
Step 5: Unscrew the tines from the end of the won't need these unless you want to impale yourself
Step 6: Mount the Contour pole mount to the retractable end of the dog roaster
Step 7: Clip in the camera and go shoot video...price...under $20 and it is retractable to easily fit inside your pack taking up minimal space.

If you want to go even cheaper and use a different camera, simply leave the tines for the Hot Dog roaster on cut a small chunk of wood or dense styrofoam to mount the camera on (you will want to cut one side at an angle so that the camera is at the correct angle to shoot you at POV), drill a couple small pilot holes into the wood/foam, push the tines that normally would hold the hot dog for roasting in, then mount a helmet mount on top of the foam/or wood, then clip your camera in and you are done.

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