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Originally Posted by bkcowell View Post
I believe he has been boarding everyday this year so far except now (sub-zero temps).. Mostly they just cruise around, hit a couple of the smaller jumps. We have a ski resort 20 miles away so thats kinda nice. He also skateboards when the weather is nice. I was hoping I would be able to get away with maybe spending between 250-325 honestly.
It's going to be difficult to find a complete, decent quality setup (boots, bindings, board AND helmet) for $325. Even if you get everything on sale, and last years equipment, it would still be a bit more than that.

Here is a great board that would fit your son, would be good for his riding and has good reviews. It's 50% off and still $200... YES Basic Snowboard

That is one of the cheapest snowboards on the site too. Another good site is EVO You can find great deals on Whiskey Militia, but they are 1 deal per 30 min or so, not a traditional shopping experience. You can sign up with Whiskey for free and browse their members only section (click "Private Stash), and they often have great deals on there as well, but it is not a full stocked store or anything.

If I were you, and didn't want to spend more than 325, I would get less equipment, but make sure it is quality stuff. Like just boots and bindings or just a board and boots. Don't go with Walmart crap cause it will just fall apart if he is serious about riding and going every day.

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