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Originally Posted by Maddie View Post
I can offer a little insight. I've taken both the Greyhound and the Amtrak to and from school, (central Illinois to Chicago), and I much prefer Amtrak. These were about 2+ hour rides, and not quite in the same area, but I'll give you my experiences.

I definitely had more room in the Amtrak train - more room and the train cars are much more comfortable in my opinion than a cramped bus.

As far as baggage goes, I only took on a very stuffed backpack + a smaller bag, so the baggage wasn't really an issue for me. From what I understand, Greyhound lets you take on personal items, and checks one bag for free. I found this webpage of baggage information that might be useful. Amtrak policies I'm not so sure about, but I know I got the two carry-on items for free. Also the more leg room gave me more space to work with for the crap that I had to shove under the seat.

There WERE power outlets on the Greyhound buses as well as "wifi," but my devices never connected, so that was a bust, and the seat that I was in didn't have an outlet. So maybe that was just my bad luck. I feel like I talked to my friend in Cali who took a Greyhound from school and said the wifi was terrible on it as well. So don't count on it.

My Amtark train also had those little seat table things, like on airplanes, so using my laptop was super easy. I can't remember if there were outlets.

The main reason I prefer Amtrak is because of OVERBOOKING. Maybe it is just a problem because I go to a huge university, but both times I used Greyhound they overbooked and it once resulted in me waiting TWO HOURS for the next bus to arrive. I know that for the second time, there were some people who didn't make it onto the first bus, but the second one came in reasonable time. The Amtrak train, on the other hand, was reasonably full, but I definitely saw some scattered empty seats, so I don't think it's as big of an issue on an average day.

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope at least some of that was helpful, and good luck moving!
Thanks a lot! That helped a ton. Yeah for Greyhound from Pittsburgh to Fargo its only $149, and for Amtrak its $200. Both pretty good prices. I'll let you know if I have anymore questions. Thanks!
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