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Default Well, first private lesson today, went well !

I just had my first private lesson past Thursday, and I'm addicted !

My instructor was very nice, she took the time to make me feel comfortable with the board. She gave me very nice tips, I am now fully able to link my turns without falling. Such an amazing achievement for me, I'm a loser at about anything but not this time, eh!

She made me "skate" with only one foot attached. Then she made me turn, brake and glide, everything went smoothly. She then said that I was ready to go on the top of the bunnyhill (is that what you call it?) using a moving carpet mechanism as your chairlift. I went down the hill with both feet attached and oh man I loved it. She said "I'm going to show you the hip-nose (hypnosis) trick. Face the direction you want to go with your nose and your hips are going to follow, then shift your weight on your heels or your toes depending on the direction you want to go". It worked on the first go and my ass did not suffer. She made me brake, same trick but you look straight in front of you. She also made me turn, you put your weight on the right foot and off you go.

Finally, she made me link my turns, not a very difficult thing to do to be honest but it's a lot to think in one single run. I started at the top, went down, turned left, right, left, right, left, right then I had to brake on my heels facing down. I did not fell a lot, I'm wayy more confident in myself and I can't wait to show my friends my newly earned skills and maybe retry the green slopes. I did all this in 90 minutes, I'm both shocked and amazed !

Anyway, that's my story, may sound boring to you but I achieved a lot and I couldn't ask for more !

Have a dice nay !


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