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Ok. I actually forgot to mention that I have 2 pairs of snowboarding pants, so that's covered. I'm 6'1" at the moment.
I read the stickies about what I should include in a help post and did it as best as I could, but I'm still a little bit lost... There's a butt-ton of different brands and I have no idea which ones are better than others. Are there any I should avoid? Also, at my skill level (whatever's a half notch above beginner) will I notice a difference in most brands/types? (besides board shape) If not, I can definitely find something on craigslist. There's also a military base nearby, so plenty of marines, sailors, etc. getting rid of their stuff.

Also, about the boots- they fit pretty snugly when they're all laced up; they don't move hardly at all in relation to my lower leg (I think that's the end goal). I'll just have to see what happens with them, but at the end of the day... they were $12 at a yard sale, so it won't be a huge loss if I replaced them.
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