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Default Having Some Issues!

I cannot seem to get my turns tighter instead I make wide ones that take me time and concentration to make. Also they aren't too smooth its more like I bleed speed doing them on purpose before completing the linking of the turn.

I am not comfortable with speed, steep, or narrow terrain because I don't feel in control. How do I improve this?

I go on the bunny hills just to feel better although its boring for me now and I want to get on the greens. I can do some greens that are not as steep or narrow perfectly fine. I have gone boarding over 10 times now in the Poconos, Stowe, and Colorado. Learned the most from one day at Stowe thanks to the soft snow! Went in November to Colorado so I had to deal with icy conditions that were still not as bad as the Poconos at their best.

Sadly the Poconos are my backyard so I have to improve here and trips to Vermont while 3-4 hours away are hard for me. I am going to Blue Mountain today but I am expecting it to be icy despite the snow. My butt is not ready!

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