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Originally Posted by Baconator View Post
I am a beginner rider. i took a lesson last season and went a couple times. I go to school in Colorado and got a pass for Keystone and A-Base. i have been looking at used boards on ebay to get myself for christmas and i am having trouble figuring out what the best board would be for me. ones that i have found are so vague in their description of the model that i cant find reviews for them online. if you have any suggestions as to where to look or what i should be looking for that would be great.

5' 10"
130 lbs
shoe size 10.5
I'm guessing you're a tall skinny dude rather than a supermodel, with a userid like baconator.

You should figure out your budget, and your first priority is to get boots that fit you well, and then with the money that's left over get a board and bindings.

Go to a shop, buy a pair of snowboard socks, put them on, and try on many pairs of boots till you get the best fitting pair you can find. If nothing fits well, then on to the next shop till you find something.

Then if money's getting tight go on ebay or craigslist and find a board and bindings that's about 150 cm long. Return here, post the details and price, someone will in short order advise you that its a good choice or bad choice and why.

You might look for a used burton process flying V in the smallest size you can find, I think this is 152 cm. There's a whole universe of possibilities, but that's one board that's fairly common from burton, which the only brand I know their line well enough to recommend.

Or burton clash or blunt, again size 150 cms. If it's brand new but last year's board it should cost about 60% of retail or less. If it's nearly new it should cost 50% or retail or less.

If money's not tight then have a good long conversation with the guys in the shop that sold you the boots, get their advice, return here to see that its good advice and then get yourself a shiny new 2014 board, which will have no benefit to your learning but we all like shiny new stuff if we can afford it.
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