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Default A story and some questions about stance

Today was my second day up this season, first was yesterday. Riding deep pow all day (woo Montana!) is definitely a lot of work on the legs, and this morning I was really feeling the pain after just 2 runs.

Now I'll acknowledge it may take a few days to rework those muscles after the season off, but I keep in shape offseason and the discomfort feels like it may be improper stance.

After the first day, I felt I had my stance too far was front at 21 back at 18, for day 2 set it to 21 9, and think my front is still too far, maybe 18 9 next time. My feet naturally stick out at awkwardly high angles, but maybe not that much.

The excess soreness might be due leaning hard on my back leg to help pull the nose out of sinking into powder. (really, not trying to rub in how much powder we actually have, but we do)

First question: Would shifting my bindings back, so my center of mass is shifted back, help relieve the leg work required to pull the nose up? Would that make carving difficult?

After those first 2 runs this morning, I decided to give my legs a rest by spending the rest of the day practicing switch. I ride regular but like the high angled duck so I can do switch more easily.

It took me a few runs to warm up and remember how to ride goofy since last season. Then it quickly felt quiet nice. I can't carve as tight with goofy stance as regular, but my stance actually felt more natural. The wide carves I was able to take felt really balanced and in control.

My carves on regular are controlled, but feel like I can't respond as quickly and my balance isn't as finely tuned as riding goofy, even though I've only done it on occasion. I had never noticed this before until today, maybe I'm finally getting good enough at goofy to recognize it.

I may make a permanent switch to goofy and see if I can get my carving up to or surpassing my ability riding regular. We'll see how this goes.

Second question: Anyone ever realize you've been riding the wrong way after 12 years (for me)?

edit: fuck i really rambled. im high

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