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Default Pressuring The Nose To Start A Turn

So Iíve decided to write a quick post on this common tip used for beginner snowboarders. If anyone out there would like to share their perspective on this Iíd be more than happy for a quick convo as this one has puzzled me for a while now.

My view on this method is that I will never recommend it unless someone either has an extremely stiff board or lacks the muscular ability. The reason being that it moves ones balance away from the centre of their board and causes the board to fish tail. Although this may not be noticeable on your beginner greens, I find developing this habit can limit a riders performance on rougher and more diverse terrain and eventually becomes hard to change.

Now I realize that there is no right way to snowboard, there are only more efficient methods than others. I prefer to twist the board with my lead foot and knee to start a turn so that I can stay centred whilst smoothly getting the board to turn down the hill.

Any different perspectives on this, hit me up as Iím interested as to why itís used and am always willing to expand my views on different ways to board.

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