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Default Advice wanted: Binding-to-boot & -board fit (hot pix inside)

Dear Dudes and Dudettes,

So I dropped my Union Flite M/L bindings because they were a little too narrow for my boot, which is a Nitro Team TLS size 11/290/44 (no shrinkage). Instead I got myself a pair of Burton Cartels Re:Flex size L from last year. And now I need feedback on two things:

1. Binding-to-boot fit
I've read some of the other threads about binding-to-boot fit and they've left me a little worried as there's quite a gap between the boot and the binding. But as I'm a n00b I have no idea whether this will affect me or not. My Nitros seem to be a bit narrower than Burtons in general. My girlfriend has an even bigger gap and she seems to ride ok (intermediate+) with her current setup.

2. Binding-to-board fit (toe & heel overhang)
The forward-backward adjustability of the Cartel Re:Flex bindings is very limited. Below I have mounted the bindings and boots at 0° angle (since I haven't settled on my angles yet, will probably go duck) with maximum forward adjustment. As you can see the heel overhang is bigger than the toe overhang. I think I'll be ok on THIS board (Burton Blunt 159w, waist 260, 3D hole pattern) since I won't be laying down eurocarves anytime soon, but here's the problem: I'm looking at normal waist boards with 4x4 hole patterns, and the toe-heel adjustability is even smaller (by 5 mm) with the 4x4 disc. If I'd buy a 4x4 board with, say, a waist width of 253, that means the heel overhang would increase by approx 7.5 (5+(260-253)/2=7.5) mm ... and I'm not sure that will still be ok.

Time for some hot pix…

Binding-to-boot fit:

From above:

Inside gap:

Utside gap:

Binding-to-board fit:

Boots in bindings on board, 0° angle, photo taken from just before the front intserts:

Toe overhang, photo taken from board waist:

Heel overhang:

Comparison of Re:Flex discs, as you can see the adjustability is much smaller for the 4x4 disc:

Seeing this, what would your recommendations be?

The bindings are still unused so I could still return them and get a full refund. I’d rather do that than ride one day and then realise I should have switched.

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