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Originally Posted by Banjo View Post
Apparently you do, because both the Big City and Trouble do not have an asymmetrical sidecut. Trace it out on a piece of paper or something if you truly dont believe the factory specs that clearly state one sidecut radius. The trouble has the "disrupted sidecut" (mellow magne) but the same on both sides.

In addition, what if you rode the other way(goofy vs regular)...they would have to tell you which side was which or it would defeat the purpose. Furthermore, to have a board with setback and an asym-sidecut makes no sense as it would need to come in "Goofy" or "Regular", so please check your 20 year ego and not give people false information.

Anyhow, to Jes-Z about pow days: if you have it set back, you wont have any issues at all, I came from full camber before I went with this, and my first 3 days were in 2+ ft of snow. night and day compared to camber, float was/is amazing and to this day ill only bust out my pow board for those days when its truly bottomless.....shame they arent that often!
What makes the BC so good is how good it is everywhere...from a pow line straight onto a groomed trail/cattrack to the crappiest chopped out garbage moguls.

Edit: fyi i am 5'9 190lbs and on a 158. spend alot of time in the trees, and am glad i didnt go bigger.
I currently ride a 156. I'm 5'7" 160lbs. I figure I should just stay that size since I'm used to throwing it around although trying to swing it around in a jump is really tough for me. But I did land a 360 last year. I swear I felt like Shaun White for a second in midair and that was on my Anthem. Lol

I'm pretty convinced with the price and ride I'm looking for the Big City is my new board. Can't wait. So stoked!
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