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Default Need some help please ENDEAVOUR

Hey guys, got a bit of a problem, i bought a 2014 Endeavour Vice in the late summer, August i believe, picked it up in the UK...

Got a good deal (i think), and was happy...

Well the season got under way recently, and being someone who is normally well prepared, i waxed all 4 of my boards prior to riding any of them.

So i tried out the Vice 1st, only messed about on it for a total of maybe 12 trips over 2 days in a short park, 500 metre length, and noticed that the wax had not lasted very well...!

I put this down to icy conditions, no more than normal where i am, and certainly not extreme...

Anyway, so i waxed again on friday just gone, rode yesterday with Sneaky, had 4 trips about 1.5 mile each trip, and thought nothing more of it... Went again today, did 8 runs of the same distance, and went in for lunch when i noticed this on the bottom of the board...!!!

Now i am not one to try and pull a fast one, and i really do look after my equipment very well...

So my question is, why has this happened...???

I know that if you run a board with no wax, it will dry out, and do this, but this is far from that, and if you look in the pics closely you will see that it is starting in the middle of the board as well.. Not just the edges...

Some advice would be good before i email endeavour, as if it is something simple, then i will try to correct it myself, if it is something more serious, then i will need to email them...
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