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Default Battle between sticks...

So, hi, this is my first post here

I'd like to get some feedback as to what others think about the two boards I'm looking at.

After reading through several pages I didn't see what I was looking for, exactly, forgive me if I missed it and please direct me to the proper thread, otherwise I hope this will grow and serve as a helpful thread for others trying to decide on boards, toss out your choices and let the forum guide you

May the farce be with you all

Little background about myself and winter mountain sports....I've been riding on snow since I was 4, I'm 36. I spent several seasons working at ski resorts, usually as a lift OP, and I have been a snowboard instructor. I haven't been up the hill in about 6 years, and it was a couple years before that I was an avid boarder...well, before kids and the chaos of the late twenties and early thirties.

Now that things have settled out I'm ready to commit to buying some gear and getting up there to use it and I'm stuck between two board choices...

Keep in mind my last stick was an Altered Gen Gnu 158 from 01-02...rode it 3 seasons and sold it....dumb me, that was the most awesome snowboard I'd ever ridden, and it was candy apple metallic red, oh gawd I loved that thing, called it my firestick, lol....

I digress...

I'm stuck between the Lib Darker Series and the Gnu Eco Genitics.

Both boards are awesome on paper, anyone ridden either, or last years model? I'm curious if the Eco Gen is as lively, spring loaded, poppy and light as the original?

Both boards are made by Mervin Mfg right? So aren't they gonna be pretty much the same, or are they R&D'ing separate product cores and resins, it looks like they are using almost identical materials and naming them differently....

I'm most curious if the Lib Darker Series is going to feel the same as the Gnu Eco Gen, cuz to be honest, I really like the metallic black finish and black base on the Darker Series Libby. On thing I have not been able to distinguish is if the Eco Gen has the raised box, or riser under the foot like the darker series does, that is a huge selling point to me cuz the only downside I remember to my old altered genitics board was it was fairly narrow and I would get some toe and heel drag when really layin it out, and I believe the raised box would help to eliminate that, cuz I'm not as agile as I used to be and catching toe or heel when on edge can be BRUTAL, LOL

So, please, discuss your thoughts on this if you would, I greatly appreciate it

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